Center for Truth
in the Political
Arena (CTIPA)

We spread light over the disinformation
proclaimed by Politicians, political figures,
and other dishonest news outlets on the
US Political sphere and let you find the facts
with well-researched information.

The Truth Will Set You Free

If a Politician Lies to You, that means they don’t RESPECT You!!




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CTIPA is an organization supporting a grass-roots movement

The purpose of CTIPA is to enlighten the public on the actions of politicians and on political movements utilizing the expertise of strategic messaging professionals.​​​​​


Strategic Messaging Program:

Design messaging and communications
strategy to reshape the false local and national narratives that’s been caused by a multi-faceted disinformation campaign in the political arena, we train concerned Americans in the discipline of information operations to execute a dynamic truth based counter narrative.

Control and Reshape the Narratives:

Mobilizing ordinary Americans to
participate routinely in the information space by daily assisting in the development and spreading strategic messages and talking points on social media platforms giving counter-narratives to combat the destructive misinformation.

Objective: To Save the Democracy

By leveraging our combined experience and subject matter expertise to retake the offensive in the information operations arena and move the democratic people to action to save democracy.

You can help us spread the truth! The more members we have who want to know what is really going on in the political landscape, the better opportunity we have to help.

CTIPA members help us spread counter messaging so more citizens can know the truth.

You can help by sending us the lies your local politicians and news outlets are spreading.

You can also help us spread our messaging by sharing the counter messaging CTIPA provides.

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