CTIPA is an organization that is an aggressive advocate for the TRUTH. Our mission as a non-partisan 501c(3) non-profit grassroots organization is to enlighten the public on the deceptive actions of politicians and their political movements, regardless of their party affiliation.

CTIPA started with the Board coming together to create a source where political truth is shared and accessed. It was this need to be a source for truth and transparency concerning political dialogue that catapulted CTIPA’s Board of Directors to form and create the Center for Truth in the Political Arena.

Today, more than ever before, the average person is inundated with information and opinions on a variety of topics. It has become almost impossible to separate fact from fiction, and the truth has become harder to find than ever before.

30% of voters are unaware of political news that is unfavorable to their party. Even those who feel informed are relying on news outlets that whose press accuracy ratings are in a two decade low.

We Reshape Narratives Caused By Disinformation In The US Political Arena

  • Inform the Voting public
  • Connect with other political organizations
  • Coordinate strategic messaging with participating political movements
  • Act in a timely manner to quell disinformation
  • ​Influence the Voting public to reject “Lies and the lying liars who tell them”.


The core members of CTIPA are retired military personnel with expertise in Information Operations, Intelligence Strategies, Public Affairs, Communications, IT and Cyber defense. CTIPA’s leadership team has also played instrumental roles in non-profit organizations, developing relationships & cultural & social programs.


CTIPA has created a space where coordinated strategic messaging with participating political movements is given a fair opportunity. As an organization focused on non-biased & truthful information, we are open to
strategic partnerships with individuals, organizations, and people who are genuinely interested in
knowing and sharing the truth.

You Can Help!

Members send us their local issues and lies / disinformation being spread by their local politicians and news outlets.

You can help us by joining our newsfeed, donating, and submitting the issues you are aware of.

We will inform our members on the issue and spread counter messaging throughout all avenues of social media.

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Each Monday we host a “meeting of the minds” on the social audio app.

Our mission for creating this “Safe-Space” for the voting public is to allow them to be heard. The goal of our live, mediated conversations is to inform & give a trusted source for the truth.

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